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Sher Singh (Shera) is a brilliant child of Gopal Das but is physically challnged in his legs. Madan Seth, a former smuggler decides to go legit and lead a peaceful life. He becomes a close friend of Gopal Das and wants his daughter Radha to get married to Shera when they’ll grow up. Tragedy strikes when a gang of notorious smugglers kill Gopal Das and Shera witnesses the brutality that gives him the strength to stand on his feet to avenge his fathers death. Shera’s uncle, a Military Major, takes care of him and gives him the required training to fight injustice. Years later, Shera returns to his village as a C.I.D Inspector and works to find all the smugglers responsible for his father’s death. He rekindles his romance with his childhood sweetheart Radha but things take a violent turn when he comes to know that Radha’s father is one of the murderers he is searching for. Hell bent on revenge, can Shera find the gang of smugglers and serve justice?