Mama Ji- (Black & White) Old Punjabi Full Movie Watch Online

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Starring : Indira Gopal Saigal, V.Gopal, Mohan Choti, Lalita Kumari, Surrinder Sharma.
Music : S. Madan
Lyrics : Verma Malik , Naqsh Lyllpuri
Directed By : Roshan Bhardwaj
Mama Ji is a drama with comedy and romance. Bansi Lal is an idle and not very intelligent guy living at his (married) sister’s home. His maternal grandfather is a business man in Africa. His sister, Lajwanti, and her husband, Kirpa Ram, are very unhappy with him as he not uses his brain at works. They want him to leave. One day, he buy a magic stick from a magician thinking that the stick really have the magic. This makes his sister and her husband very angry again. As he realized that the stick don’t actually have any magic, he feels robbed and one day, he snatches money from the magician and runs and hides himself into a tonga. A beautiful girl, Laali, is searching for his father, lost in the Visakhi mela (English: fair). A tonga driver takes her with him, in the same tonga in which Bansi hide himself, saying that he’ll find her father. Reaching out of the city, he tries to rape her but Bansi rescues her and take her home. The police locate Laali as her father reported and reach Kirpa Ram’s home to get her back. Laali’s father takes her back with thanks but Kirpa Ram got angry as the police came home because of Bansi and throws him out. Wondering, Bansi reaches Laali’s village where he saves her from, Phumman, a proud son of Khema – a patwari (English: local land record officer). Bansi stays at Laali’s home.