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Starring : Raj Babbar, Om Puri, Gurdas Maan, Nina Tiwana, Harpreet Deol, Nirmal Rishi, Sardar Sohi, Mehar Mittal, Manjit Maan, Beena Banerjee, Achala Sachdev
Director : Harpal Tiwana
Release Date : 1986
Genre : Family, Drama
This Punjabi Movie, raises the questions, True love or family reputation? Which one would you pick? This is the decision that Raja is faced with. Raja comes home after finishing school. His mother and the whole village is extremely excited about his arrival but the excitement fades away as they discover that he has fallen in love with one of his house servants, Preeto. Preeto’s aunt, Gulabo then tells Preeto a story that horrifies her and makes her want revenge on Raja’s household. Will Raja’s Love for Preeto overcome his family reputation? Will Preeto’s love for Raja overcome her need for revenge? Is love strong enough?