KS Makhan Interview


K S Makhan (born Kuldeep Singh Takhar) is a Punjabi singer.
Makhan resides in Surrey in British Columbia. He was born in village Shankar,Nakodar. He is married and have two sons named Ekam Singh Takhar and Sajjan Singh Takhar. He was baptised into the Sikh faith in April 2013 and has committed his life to the Sikh religion. After this he has decided to sing Religious songs
K S Makhan’s first album was Numbra Te Milde. He has worked with music producer Aman Hayer and musicians Sukhpal Sukh and Atul Sharma. His voice fused with Aman Hayer’s music have enabled him to stay with the lead pack of Punjabi singers. His albums include Glassi, Billo, Muskan, Yaar Mastaane, Good Luck Charm and James Bond. His other tracks are “Mitran Di Motor”, “Takle”, “Gabru Top Da”, “Fight”, “Talwaaran”, “Sitare”, “Jatt Warga Yaar”, “Band Botle”, “Badmaashi” and “Pakka Yaar”. In 2012, he reached number one with his track “Dil Vich Vas Gayi”.